Forget the cold-calling LinkedIn-loving recruiters you know. Our teams help fill some of the most rewarding, exciting and wanted jobs in the country.

About us

What do we do? Quite simply, we advise our lovely clients on how to attract the best talent. Then we help recruit them. Our people-focus approach isn't just something for our clients either. We treat our own Penna family pretty well, too.

Our services

Candidate attraction

Through exciting creative advertising campaigns and social media strategies, website designs and much more, we attract the right people to learn more about our clients’ fabulous jobs and careers. So, just as the name suggests, really.

Assessment design

Once we’ve attracted people to apply, we need to assess whether they’re right for our clients’ jobs. Think psychometric testing and assessment centre design. Our award-winning team is one of the largest and best in assessment. It’s an impressive balance of ‘solutions that work’ and honest branding, powered by clever psychology and insight.

Managed resourcing

Now we’ve worked out the best way to assess people, we need to support and manage them through every step of the recruitment process. To name a few stages, our managed resourcing teams process countless application forms, book candidates in for interviews and arrange assessment centres. All of this activity makes sure our clients only end up with the right people for the job.

Executive recruitment

From small, local councils to global corporations, every workplace has a group of leaders. Executives who set the vision and ambition, and are responsible for driving them to greater things. When an organisation is looking for one, you can't put up a recruitment ad and hope for the best. You need leaders who can come in and make an impact from the moment they join. That's where we come in. With some of the finest consultants in the industry, our Executive Recruitment team focus on getting the right people the right jobs, at the right time.