We’re not interested in how good you are at making tea. Over 8 weeks, you’ll get stuck into a specific project from its first idea to the final solution. It’s an incredibly rewarding process, where you can go home every day knowing you’ve learnt some real skills that go beyond the kettle.

Please note all vacancies have now closed.

Dates: July 2018 – August 2018


Over twelve months, you’ll work on a range of projects within a specific team. So you could be coming up with campaigns in our creative team, mining insightful data in the digital department, or liaising with clients in our executive interim and search teams. If you know what you want from your career, this is the open door you’ve been waiting for.

Please note all vacancies have now closed.

Dates: July 2018 – July 2019

If you have any questions at all, then just send us a message.


“My 8-week internship at Penna wasn’t a standard internship filled with coffee runs and photocopying, it included a wide range of valuable tasks which I was significantly involved in. Throughout my 8-weeks as a client partner I shadowed various client meetings, conducted several research projects and conducted my own independent research project which I presented to senior members at Penna. Although my main role was a client partner, I spent time a lot of time with other parts of Penna such as the managed recruitment team and the creative team. I gained valuable skills and experiences from my internship at Penna which I know will help me excel in my future career.

Although the prospect of entering an organisation seems daunting, I felt a part of the Penna family instantly. The whole team were incredibly approachable and welcoming to me which really reflects the friendly nature that flows throughout Penna. My manager and mentor offered continual support, guidance and encouragement throughout all my tasks which significantly helped to ensure that these were completed to a high standard. It was a privilege to work at such a fantastic organisation and the skills I have learnt will stick with me for a lifetime.”
Lucy – Intern in the Penna Client Partner team

“Penna is like nowhere I’ve interned before, and that’s no overstatement. I was fortunate enough to have operated in the Digital and Brand department of the company, which is often labelled simply as the “Creative Team”. From day one Penna’s working culture was exactly as advertised on its website: inclusive, industrious, and its cheery atmosphere infectious. It’s “work hard, play hard” type of place

It’s intrinsically different to most big firms out there looking to blood aspiring interns into the corporate world. Instead of being handed menial tasks that are solely conducted internally, with a lack of client-facing opportunities and reduced responsibilities, at Penna you’re thrusted into the “deep end”, the nitty-gritty. You very much feel like you belong to the company. Your ideas are received with the same attention as any employee. The transparency between levels of seniority and departments are also breaths of fresh air, and for anybody looking to leave their mark on the future of the company, with enough will and desire you can and will achieve that right here. This is why I firmly believe that Penna is a class above the rest.

The impression that Penna has left on me was so strong that I have even applied to and have had offers to study at UCL and King’s for an MA in Digital Asset and Media Management, to further my knowledge of the digital market and its strategies. Having had no prior experience in the ever-growing world of tech, including website design or app creation, Penna offered this such opportunity. And I can safely say that if it wasn’t for this I would have never dreamed of applying for such a degree. What’s more, my online presence and CV have been significantly improved whilst at and since leaving Penna, thanks to the invaluable help of my colleagues and seniors. In the increasingly competitive sphere are internships and grad-schemes, this has gone “above and beyond” my initial expectations of working here, and I cannot put in words how much the company has played a part in shaping my aspirations and career path.”
Lloyd – Intern in the Penna Digital and Creative team